Working with Tenants and Residents Associations

A tenants and residents association (TARA) is a group of people living in the same area, who get together to do something about their homes and the area they live in. Council tenants, private tenants and people who have bought their houses can be members.

Newcastle Tenants and Residents Federation is funded to work with tenants and residents groups where there is a majority of council tenants on the group. You can check our list of TARAs to see if there is a group near you or contact us for more information.

The Federation has an action pack, containing useful information for all tenants and residents associations in Newcastle who are organising to take up housing and related issues. Each TARA has its own constitution, which ensures that it is run in a fair and open way. We can advise you on this and provide a model constitution. For more information, please contact us.

We can also provide:

  • Code of Conduct

  • Equality and Diversity Policy

  • Safeguarding Policy