Newcastle housing tenant-led scrutiny panel

The government expects all registered housing providers including local authorities to deliver housing standards that meet tenants’ expectations and deliver value for money.

The Social Housing Regulatory Framework for Housing in England (2012, revised March 2014) requires Newcastle City Council to give tenants opportunity to provide independent challenge to service delivery and performance of its landlord services underpinned by the Consumer Standard.

The council commissioned Newcastle Tenants and Residents Federation to deliver tenant scrutiny. The council expects the independent tenant scrutiny panel to scrutinise YHN’s performance, identify areas for improvement and influence future delivery of housing services.

The council provides support to the Federation through a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to continue to support tenants in developing their skills and capacity so that engagement and scrutiny are effective.

The Consumer Standard

The consumer regulatory standard for social housing contains the outcomes that the council and Your Homes Newcastle are expected to achieve by the housing regulator (Homes and Communities Agency).

The regulator sets the standard  and has limited oversight in its delivery and monitoring, intervening only where failure of the standard could lead to risk of serious harm to tenants.

The consumer standard includes:

1. Tenant Involvement and Empowerment
2. Home
3. Tenancy
4. Neighbourhood and Community

More detailed information about the consumer standards and the Regulatory Framework for social housing can be found on the Homes and Communities Agency’s website.


Scrutiny Panel projects

Under-occupation subsidy

The panel's first project scutinized YHN's response to the under-occupation subsidy.