Newcastle Tenants and Residents Federation aims to provide high quality training that meets the needs of the tenants and residents groups. The Federation offers a training programme, bespoke training and facilitation.

Training for individual tenants groups at a local level

The Federation is committed to ensuring that tenants have the appropriate skills, knowledge and confidence to engage with service providers and policy makers at all levels of decision-making.

Training for tenants and residents groups

The Federation provides Basic Group Skills training for all the new groups that we help to establish.

Other training is delivered to local groups as part of the Federation's development work and may be carried out by external training providers. These will often be designed to meet the particular needs of the group. Examples include sessions on setting priorities and designing action plans.

All training is monitored and evaluated. Issues raised are used to inform the delivery of further training, as well as the future development support given to individual groups.

Training for tenants group representatives

Training for tenants group representatives is delivered at a citywide level, according to an annual training plan.

This plan is developed on the basis of tenants groups' suggestions and needs, which have been identified by the Federation. Publicity for each session is sent out beforehand to each group. One-to-one and group mentoring and coaching sessions are also offered to tenant representatives.

'Mandatory' training

Tenants reps involved in our citywide work are strongly encouraged to attend our equality and diversity training. In addition, groups receiving funding via the Tenants Fund are also advised to attend the Treasurers training, which is provided on a regular basis.

Our courses are aimed at tenants and residents associations pursuing social housing aims and objectives in Newcastle. But they are also open to other tenants and residents associations, social housing tenants and housing providers from northeast England for a fee.

Dates and details of our training courses appear on our events page.