What we do

The Federation seeks to support tenants and residents associations and private sector tenants, so that they can play a full part in decisions about their housing and environment. Our goal is to ensure that every tenant in the City of Newcastle has access to secure and affordable good quality housing in safe and secure neighbourhoods. These improvements to services are then enjoyed by everyone in the locality, whether members of a tenants and residents group or not.

We offer diverse opportunities for our members to become involved, including:

  • Community development support and training to tenants and residents groups

  • Information and advice, through Tenants News, face-to-face, telephone and website contacts

  • Public consultation events, together with local and national networking activities for members

  • Financial support, through the Tenants Fund, plus an account auditing service for member TARAs who receive the grant

  • Administrative support to our members in producing their publicity and assistance with their fundraising activities.

Since it was first formed, the Federation has been able to influence the services provided to tenants in Newcastle through lobbying, campaigning, community development work and working in partnership.

We have contributed to, or influenced:

  • The development and monitoring of the City's Housing, Regeneration, Homelessness and Lettings and Allocations policies

  • The Tenant Involvement and Participation Strategies

  • The Review of Housing Allocations Policy for 16/17 Year Olds

  • Age Designation in Tower Blocks

Each year our achievements are published in our annual report