What can a tenants and residents association do?

You can work with Newcastle City Council and Your Homes Newcastle (YHN) to improve your homes and estates.

You can have a real say in decisions about spending money on housing improvements.

You can have a say in housing policy - and make sure that tenants get the best deal.

You can go on estate inspections with staff from the council and YHN to point out the things that need doing on the estate. You can also discuss issues of estate maintenance, repairs and improvements with housing staff in informal meetings and at formal committees.

You can do an estate survey - a door-to-door survey of what people want and feed your ideas into the council.

You can campaign for something - like new windows, or other improvements to your council homes, or better lighting, a children's playground, or other improvements to the environment.

You can talk to the people who make decisions - and make sure they listen to your views. You can have your say in all the decisions affecting your estate - and make sure you get the service you want. You can also help build up some community spirit in your neighbourhood.